You Are Here.

I love lists, they give me a (false?) sense of being organised and I discovered Trello a while ago so I was in list heaven. I have so many lists I need a list of the lists I’ve made. One thing I don’t have is a bucket list. I have a ‘Never Ending Life List’ (who doesn’t want to live forever?). There’s nothing earth shattering on it just a list of little challenges I set myself and things I want to do in life. I’m not planning on dying for a long time yet (if I can help it) so I prefer a work in progress instead of a start and an end, a bit like life itself.

One of the challenges I set myself was to visit 10 places in the UK that I haven’t been to before. That might not sound like a hard thing to do but I’ve worked in jobs where I’ve been ‘out on the road’ most of my life so I’ve been to or through a lot of places so finding places I’ve never been in at all is actually quite difficult.

I decided to document my ’10 places’ by taking a photograph when I was there which got me thinking… how many places in the UK have I visited? As I’ve usually got a camera of some sort with me I decided to create this blog as a record of the places in this gorgeous country we live in that I’ve been to, even if it has only been a fleeting visit, as long as I stopped and took a photograph it counts. I’ve listed them alphabetically on a separate page and linked back to the blog entry so I can see at a glance where I’ve been and so can you if you fancy a virtual stroll around the UK.

Posts are in no particular order and will date back as far as I have photographs for (which is a long time) I’m looking forward to going through the archives and revisiting both visually and maybe even physically sometime.